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Hellow im Omeel omeelio panggabean,im in Love to death in fashion ,I was born in Medan nort sumatera indonesia " Batakness"Now im stay in jakarta by my self.. I love so much to Design chlotes for my self To wear To be Exist.sometimes i go to Pasar Senen a flea Market in jakarta hunting for vintage fashion ... i will reycle the stuff when i'm such as jeans, shirt ,Etc.. lalala... now im work in a model management in jakarta im so happy can meet with existed people and parfumed so cool..

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

IntroDuce My seLf... ^.^

identity : Omelio pangGabean /freelancer @fashion boutique
my fashion Icont : Bryan boy , Marc jacob , kimmy jayanti ,
My StylE : Ranges from Effortless chiC to mixed up cool an sMart fashion
M Inspiration in style ; Fashion Tv , Bryan boy , Fashion magazine , Fashion Show IppMi (ikatan peranCang pengusaha Mode Indonesia) ,Jakarta fashion Week ,
my favorite sHopping
placE :Mangga Dua , PasaR seNen , Malls , Onlineshop
Can't Live withoUt : My Jesus forever , Name of mommy , my yellow eyeglasses
My bEst prchase : @Bazaar in Pasar senen ,i was cute blazeer Only Rp ,29.000,_ :D
My Love lable ever : ZarA , Top Man , Marc by.marc jacob , balenciaga , lennoR by.lenny agustin ,Louis Vuitton
" With Tuty cholid her is a fashion designer in my town (Ippmi)trend show ...

im @ ippmi Trend Show 2011 at plaza bapindo jakarta selatan.. Model is miss Drina Ciputra from jim Models indnesia " jakarta international models... :))

Fashion is themporary But Style is forever



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