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Hellow im Omeel omeelio panggabean,im in Love to death in fashion ,I was born in Medan nort sumatera indonesia " Batakness"Now im stay in jakarta by my self.. I love so much to Design chlotes for my self To wear To be Exist.sometimes i go to Pasar Senen a flea Market in jakarta hunting for vintage fashion ... i will reycle the stuff when i'm such as jeans, shirt ,Etc.. lalala... now im work in a model management in jakarta im so happy can meet with existed people and parfumed so cool..

Selasa, 25 September 2012

Opening shows New york Fashion week ss 2013 

Super Cool.....!!! 

the show at thuesday September 6th"

day 1


lable that has long Existed in the work fashion since 1989 with a perfect super New york fashion week opening Performances on september 6th this year,the super carry models Collection should a group of women from the land of the mighty amazone,with much more modern dress.collection seem strong and fresh,but still showing the feminine..


 Dominate gown collectin of black and white gown,embellished detail lace.BCBG Max Azaria seem not want remove the lace trend in addtion, a stong pattern Victoria era last season also return to apply the collection..


a series of collection suitable for women who want to look different and edgy,but still highlight the femininitas... 


 Tommy hilfiger show at New york fashion week ss 2013..

day 2

7th september

 through this collection, the designer attempts to transform into a sports wear that suit look cool, the triumph of nautical stripes that appear in the Pansa apparently so far not hilang.tommy Hilfiger was still a touch of style that is so, but obviously one level higher than the kolksi sebelumnya.kali is not all striped pattern of vertical lines, but at the same horizontal line, and even with a less bold blend ..


 Knitwear is also lined Tommy Hilfiger try to foster in his collection but somehow, the impression Missoni suddenly come to mind, when looking at a collection of fashion .striped sweaters, the collection also largely on the content of chinos, blazeer, and denim.


 Day 3

8th september

Lacoste show..!!

 the designer Felipe Olivia Baptism, using tennis clothes as inspiration utama.his any monotony sportswear evolved into a hight of fashion clothing

this collection ss 2013 classified as very unique, but this is new york! edgyness is number one.lacoste this time eased the situation a bit futuristic in its design boxy structure in some of his unflattering clothes, but instead adds to the modern look of the user ..



 This collection also took fashion trends last season that had just hits.sebut color blocking, colors bold colors, and application patterns remain strong feminine element Aztec.


Sabtu, 15 September 2012

Female Models ...


Name                              Isaura Pattiwael

Age                                 16 years Old

Height                            !73 cm

Weight                           48kg

Bust                               24

Dress                             M

pants                              28

shoe size                        40 


   - Rumah kebaya Fashion show

   - Jakarta Wedding Expo

   - Jakarta Wedding festival

  - Johnny andrean Hair show







 - Winner of Putra putri batik 2010

- Semi finalist teen Icont 2011

- Thebest Catwalk cultural Heritage model Search 2011

- Photo shoot aneka yess! Fashion page 

- Photo shoot Flair Magazine by- Johnny andrean Saloon



Jumat, 14 September 2012

      I love My new Job's be a Models manager at Headline Management Jakarta...

i love u firts.. :D


setiap hari bersama para model dan talent2 di sini.. senang , super senang bahkan..lebih dari itu.. rasanya ingin menjadi mereka..hahhaa.. ngga juga sekrg aku bahkan mersa lebih hebat bahkan dr mereka .kenapa?karena aku ngerasa jd seorng pemimpin itu adalah suatu hal yg di mana semua orang impikan saat ini.. 

Diacara2 Fashion show, The audition,Casting Models,atau acara shooting..senang nya tingkat kamu tau kenapa.. Bertemu banyak orang2 baik, kece , keren dan tidak ketinggaln Zaman yg bikin aku bahagia dan merasakan nyaman yg sangat bahagia,, 


Teman2 office yg sangat aku sayangi.. ,owner of Headline managemnt yg kece :* , my manager at office, penasehat atau Eo d kantor .. senang bergabung dengan mereka.. semoga masa2 training ini bisa memberikan kepuasan dan nilai cukup buat aku tetap bisa pantes bekerja di sini.. aku sudah nyaman.. kaget sumpah kaget ..bertemu orang2 ajaib..anak2 yg keren dan sopan... talen2 dan models yg low profile pokoknya Kece !!