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Hellow im Omeel omeelio panggabean,im in Love to death in fashion ,I was born in Medan nort sumatera indonesia " Batakness"Now im stay in jakarta by my self.. I love so much to Design chlotes for my self To wear To be Exist.sometimes i go to Pasar Senen a flea Market in jakarta hunting for vintage fashion ... i will reycle the stuff when i'm such as jeans, shirt ,Etc.. lalala... now im work in a model management in jakarta im so happy can meet with existed people and parfumed so cool..

Sabtu, 15 September 2012

Female Models ...


Name                              Isaura Pattiwael

Age                                 16 years Old

Height                            !73 cm

Weight                           48kg

Bust                               24

Dress                             M

pants                              28

shoe size                        40 


   - Rumah kebaya Fashion show

   - Jakarta Wedding Expo

   - Jakarta Wedding festival

  - Johnny andrean Hair show







 - Winner of Putra putri batik 2010

- Semi finalist teen Icont 2011

- Thebest Catwalk cultural Heritage model Search 2011

- Photo shoot aneka yess! Fashion page 

- Photo shoot Flair Magazine by- Johnny andrean Saloon



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